Founded in 2005 our roots started in storytelling… storytelling through MUSIC – Concerts, Events, Shows, and more. For serial entrepreneur and NEO Productions founder, Nosa Obasuyi, the idea was and continues to focus on building and growing the community that lives and breathes around the culture in which music has created – be it fashion, sports, tech, gaming, product development, etc, all roads still have ties to THE CULTURE.

What started 18 years ago as an events production and marketing company has evolved into a more focused yet holistic service-based company that focuses on brand and business development. From our own in-house projects to external consultations, and activations, we help develop sustainable business and brand strategies with a focal point on harnessing and cultivating popular culture. Essentially we consider ourselves to be “Story Tellers” masquerading as “Brand Architects”.

Jilionaire Plays a DJ set at a NEO Productions Event.

A Mindset that drives how we do business.

NEO Productions was intently built as a company that converges on a mindset. A mindset of empowerment, built around three guiding principles:

1. Living Life for a Living
2. Cultivate Culture
3. I am Entrepreneur.

The underlying goal: Take said mindset as a guiding light and channels it on a core path of disrupting standard narratives by correctly communicating the true stories born out of entrepreneurship and the culture. 

At our core, work is an extension of our lifestyle, our lifestyle is communicated through storytelling, and our storytelling is exemplified through our entrepreneurial endeavors while helping others with theirs. 


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