A true understanding
of your complete picture.

Architecture: the complex art and skilled technique of carefully designing and structuring something. From conceptualization, planning, designing, managing, implementation, and amplification we adapt this form of thinking to building and developing brands, products, and businesses.
Foundation: Our business and services are built on a lifestyle of cultivating culture. We know where our expertise lies and that's in products surrounding Music, Fashion, Sports, Art, Design, Luxury, All Things Digital, and all things built on “Urban” or if we are being more direct... “Black Culture”. An intricate knowledge of the past, the present, and how we continue to contribute to the narrative of a positive future. When it comes to an understanding of the nuances related to “The Culture” both from a local and global point of view we are elite!

Brand & Business Development

Creating high-level brand and business strategies. From Digital to IRL, C.I, Web Development, Brand Strategies, Business Strategy, Go To Market plans, Omni Chanel execution and more. We see all angles and build your perfect brand strategy for both internal and external communication.

Brand Management Services

Third party management of a brands direction and communication for small businesses looking to structure and scale their businesses. We deliver director-level, contract-based management for project development and launch, ecommerce and social media channels, and the company as a whole.

Brand Partnerships

One of our primary super powers - Brand Partnership Curation - an under rated skill in which we believe to be a major asset in growing and fortifying ones Brand. Curating the right partners for brand activations, amplifications, events, Partnership curation fortified by a strong understanding of each brands culture.

Brand Amplification & Activation

Brand Activation and Amplification is about finding and communicating ones voice, while speaking to and growing your community or what we like to call your tribe. We translate and communicate your voice through memory anchoring experiences that connect your brand, product or service to a predesignated emotion and retarget/retrigger that attachment over time.
An Omni-channel approach that focuses in on what works for you through intimate culture hacking (butterfly effect) to large events, digital and tech based magnification, influencer partnerships and more. - WE CREATE PERPETUAL HYPE!

Brand, Business, & Entrepreneurship Coaching and Workshops

Knowledge is the great equalizer, having access to said knowledge and knowing how to, or being able to act on it often times is the primary differentiator. With over 25 years of entrepreneurship brand building and business development, NEO Productions head honcho Nosa Obasuyi is most passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and organizations get what he calls codes - The Knowledge acquired to better and achieve the goals one has set forth - (In layman terms - Keys to success)
As a captain level ex-pro athlete, and accomplished self-made entrepreneur who primarily has had to figure it out by himself “codebreaking”, as he calls it, became essential and is now second nature. With crusader level conviction, sharing said codes and helping guide groups and individuals towards a winning path is the mission. With that in mind Nosa spends a good amount of his time in one-on-one entrepreneurial coaching and codebreaking sessions, group workshops and talks where he focuses on what he knows:

  • Entrepreneurship - Cultivating Culture (Creative, Fashion, Music, Sports, Lifestyle, Luxury, Tech)
  • Brand and Business Development using his S.P.A.R.Cs Framework as a foundation with sub-topics surrounding how to create and structure a black-owned or black centric organizations and businesses.
  • Mindset and Good Business - Re-writing, rearranging and or optimizing ones mental code structure goes a long way towards winning. And winning while being or doing good shouldn’t be the exception, but it should be the rule.
  • Leveraging Tools - How to adapt and leverage modern tools such as AI.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. We stick to what we know and within the topics, brands, industries and sectors we work with we are elite.
  2. For 20 plus years, we've been in the thick of it. We set trends, we influence the influencers, we genuinely impact the culture.
  3. We consider ourselves to be an influencer agency (an agency that influences), "Live Life for a living" we only take on brands and businesses in which we have an authentic affinity for and we implement ourselves as brand ambassadors

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