An Overview of our Pricing Packages

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To help give you as clear a picture as possible of what we can offer and what some of our services may cost, we've listed below a few of our service packages. Each brand or case is different, and there are always exceptions, but the idea is to help give you a better understanding of what range to expect.

Brand Build Small Business

25,000 /

  • Brand Audit
  • Base SPARCs Analysis
  • Brand Bible- With Brand C.I, Logo, Brand Voice, Mission, Vision +
  • Basic Website development
  • -------------------------------
  • General Go To Market Strategy
  • Base Implementation plan
  • Base Sales Channel/POS strategy
  • Basic Social Media Strategy
  • Basic Brand Activation Strategy
  • -------------------------------
  • Brand Metrics and evaluation
  • Shared Brand Manager
  • -------------------------------
  • Start-Ups, Early Stages, Small Businesses
  • Six Month Minimum
  • -------------------------------
  • 1st Month €15,000
  • Months Two to Six
  • €2000 - €10,000 per

Brand Build Mid Size +

195,000 /

  • Brand Audit
  • Full SPARCs Analysis
  • Brand Bible/ Digital Asset Optimization
  • Dedicated Brand Director
  • Dedicated Brand Ambassador (Influencer)
  • -------------------------------
  • In-depth Go To Market Strategy - Multinational
  • Full Spectrum Implementation plan
  • Sales Channel/POS strategy - D2C, B2B, B2C
  • Social Media Strategy with Content Support
  • Brand Activation Strategy & Management
  • -------------------------------
  • Team Build up - Organizational Structure
  • Team Brand Workshops and Coaching
  • Brand Metrics, Evaluation, Management
  • -------------------------------
  • Midsize and Larger Companies (80 plus employees and or Multinational)
  • Tweleve Month Minimum
  • -------------------------------
  • 1st Month €40,000
  • €14,000/ Month after

Brand Building Workshops

5,000 /

  • Mindset and Good Business - Re-writing, rearranging and or optimizing ones mental code structure goes a long way towards winning. And winning while being or doing good shouldn’t be the exception, but the rule.
  • Entrepreneurship - Cultivating Culture Workshop (Creative, Fashion, Music, Sports, Lifestyle, Luxury, Tech) - An intimate deep dive into what entrepreneurship is and what it should mean for you. From the idea of Entrepreneurship, the reality, to structuring and organizing for scale.
  • Brand and Business Development using the S.P.A.R.Cs Framework as a foundation with sub-topics surrounding how to create and structure a business around a specific community. EG: a black-owned or black centric organizations and businesses or Products.
  • Leveraging Tools - How to adapt and leverage modern tools such as AI.
  • -------------------------------
  • For Start-Ups to Large Corporations
  • -------------------------------
  • Starting at €5,000 for groups of up to 5 people.
  • Price may vary depending on level. Workshops are customizable for mixed needs, larger groups and or 1-on-1 sessions

Social Media Marketing

18,500 /

  • Social Media Analysis (OKRs, KPIs)
  • Social Media Growth Strategy
  • Social Media Monetization
  • Brand Coherence
  • Base Content Creation (varies depending on SoMe strategy, platform)
  • Platform Management (2 Channels)
  • Influencer/Creator Acquisition
  • Influencer/Creator Management
  • Shared SoMe Manager
  • SoMe Automation (where applicable)
  • SoMe Review and Evaluation
  • -------------------------------
  • Start-Ups, Early Stages, Small Businesses
  • Six Month Minimum
  • -------------------------------
  • 1st Month €6,000
  • Months Two to Six
  • €2500 - €5,000 per

E-commerce DEV + MGMT

39,000 /

  • E-commerce Needs Analysis (OKRs, KPIs)
  • E-com Webstore Build
  • E-com Marketing Strategy
  • E-commerce Optimization (SoMe Connect, Newsletter, Retargeting etc)
  • Processes Automation (where applicable)
  • Brand Coherence
  • Base Content Creation (varies depending on needs)
  • Promo, Cross-selling, Partnerships Management
  • Shared E-commerce Manager
  • Periodic Review and Evaluation
  • -------------------------------
  • Start-Ups, Early Stages, Small Businesses
  • Twelve Month Minimum
  • -------------------------------
  • Website Build €6,000
  • Management €3,000/Month
  • Revenue Based Commission (negotiated based on profit margins/product sector)

Brand Activations /Campaigns

Custom /

  • Brand Consult and Needs Assesment
  • Activation or Campaign Concept Design
  • Location Acquisition
  • Activation or Content Production
  • Activation (Event) MGMT
  • Activation or Campaign Amplification
  • Guest Relations
  • -------------------------------
  • For all Businesses / sizes
  • Brand Activation or Campaign content costs are dependent on the needs of the brand and or product.
  • -------------------------------
  • Activations : Prices can run from €10,000 for a simple small activation to Seven Figures for larger national/international activations
  • Campaigns: Content Creation prices can run from €2,500 for a simple small SoMe campaign to Seven Figures for larger national/international campaigns
These are our primary services, which can be adapted to all BRANDS (companies, people, products, and more) that fit within lifestyle related categories such as Music, Sports, Fashion, Art, Luxury, Consumer products, Entrepreneurship, and All things Digital (tech, apps etc). If you are in need of a more customized offer or a fusion of multiple packages, please don't hesitate to reach out.
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